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We took it upon us to completely change the game within our vigorously growing real estate industry, simply by being unique. By delivering unmatchable rich qualities and unforgettable experiences to our beloved clients, with all of our devotion is solely directed to them. TLD vowed to not settle for anything less than perfect, and by that, we are always looking forward to delivering one-of-a-time projects. We are driven by our commitment to our clients

+ 30 years


TLD is building a legacy from the ground up to cater to each client's perspective, needs and life aspirations. A stellar Real Estate company that feeds on decades of entrepreneurial experiences in diverse industries, such as hospitality, tourism, retail, franchising, and real estate, which allow us to creatively execute challenging projects with optimum quality.

TLD As the company is advocated by a vast experience and a strong network of connections in various businesses, It has reaped an heirloom of successful projects across Egypt. Inaugurated in 2006, TLD is taking remarkable measures to grow communities and maintain a high-quality development in the most exquisite destinations. With its lucid sense of familiarity with Egypt's top-tier locations and infrastructure, it can successfully detect the sustainability and stardom of any project.


Bringing out only the best in everything we do


Excelling in every aspect of work and passing this momentum on to coworkers so that everyone works in harmony reflects positively on the teams' skills and learning curves.


Our teams are trained to win at whatever they're doing. With this dynamic, we are becoming more creative in presenting finer and greater services


There is no limit to learning and improvement. We take enhancing measures to give you an ever-better service than the one you signed up for. We aim to develop our services and replenish our clients’ energy with the quality of work we provide.

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